Take control over your nutrition, fitness and mindset

You start the day very motivated
but end up eating the full bag of sweets at night?

_ You have big goals, feel inspired, get into a perfect healthy routine
but, after a few weeks your motivation fades away?

_ You often lack energy?

_ You would like to be at ease around food and enjoy your diet
without guilt?

_ You planned to exercise regularly
but things come up and you keep cancelling?

_ You always feel too busy to cook and eat well?

Do you recognise yourself in any of these statements or simply would like to get deeper into nutrition and fitness?

With care, empathy and a listening ear I help you and provide you with the perfect and smart action plan. You will be given all the tools to fix, improve and maximise your relationship with food and exercise. You will be cared for from time management, sleep and stress management to simple recipes, analysis of your diet, suggestions to fit in exercise despite busy schedules and more​.

It all should and can be a pleasure, so you can make it last a lifetime. Food and exercise are allies in making your body and mind more efficient, stronger and happier. With the right guidance, everything becomes more simple than you ever believed it could.

No more diets or quick fix. Enjoy your food and days off without guilt. Learn to eat better, not less. Re-connect with your body and mind. Build body acceptance and make visual aesthetics a result of you becoming physically and mentally stronger. Together we figure out what your exact needs are and target them with a successful personalised program.

I am here to guide you
and help you get
to the best version
of yourself.

Customised nutrition, fun and adaptable trainings, formation of good habits, together we encompass all aspects of your health leaving no stones unturned through tailored sessions​.

I provide you with a safe space and motivation as much as advice and facts. Without disturbing your life with extreme changes, together we slowly mold your ideal and solid base for a long term, sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

The reasons you need coaching

  • Create a sustainable, satisfying and healthy lifestyle, diet & exercise routine
  • Concrete goal settings and plan for success
  • Motivation, accountability, individualised guidance and support
  • Build successful habits: sleep and stress management, time optimisation hacks,…
  • Improve your relationship with food and enjoy your meals!
  • Achieve control, understanding and consciousness over your food choices
  • Improve your fitness level and reach your shape and sport goals
  • Maximise your health respecting your values and preferences
  • Build confidence and reach your full potential!