programs to fit your needs

We find your balance so you can look good, move well, be healthy, strong and happy with well-defined goals, a smart action plan and most importantly, an enjoyable process!

All offers are adaptable and customisable. Each plan is build around your life schedule, availabilities and abilities.

Coaching can be conducted in either English or French.

Sessions take place online through zoom, videos, emails, and texts. Wherever you are it is possible to connect.

1. Mindset coaching

From setting up goals to organisation support, you will be guided to set up for success. 

  • Figure out personal goals
  • Support in setting up intentions
  • Tips & tricks to build new habits

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    2. Health basics

    You will get basic knowledge, a few recipes, and a taste of the fun you get from a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Diet should not be restrictive, but a conscious understanding and choice of what foods to pick. 

    • First contact and goal setting
    • Personal Q&A, anamnesis and food journal
    • Basic health tips e-book
    • Mini recipes guide
    • Grocery list
    • Calories calculations if required
    • Personal nutrition & training recommendations

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    3. Personalised nutrition

    From learning, what, when, why and how to eat foods you like to a precise plan with calories and macronutrients, we find what option is best for you to achieve your personal objectives with satisfaction and balance around your lifestyle.

    • First contact and goal setting
    • Personal Q&A, food journal and anamnesis
    • Basic health tips e-book
    • Mini recipes guide
    • Grocery list
    • Personalised meal structure (adapted to goals, preferences, lifestyle, schedule…)
    • Calories and macronutrients calculations
    • Description and explanation of macros & diet for your needs & goal
    • Recipes and meals suggestions
    • Basic nutrition education aiming for independence and food freedom
    • Personal follow up sessions, check ups & plan adaptation
    • Available for Qs, support & motivation – answer within 48h

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    4. Personalised training

    A specific goal, a special event or a support to your general well being, movement is extremely beneficial for your mental and physical health. At the gym, at home, outdoor, short on time or plenty of time, it doesn not matter, there is always a solution to make it happen.

    My coaching is mainly based on functional work and we will find what exercise style you like most and can maintain long term because if you enjoy it, you will sustain it! 

    • First contact and goal setting
    • Personal Q&A and anamnesis
    • Personalised training program (adapted to goals, place, time, and physical condition…)
    • Videos – explanation for each exercise and different level options (possibility for online live session)
    • Personal follow up sessions, regular check ups & plan adaptation
    • Posture and form check through self made videos, follow ups or extra sessions
    • Available for Qs, support & motivation – answer within 48h

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    5. Personalised training & nutrition

    Commit to a complete and well-rounded balanced lifestyle. Tackle nutrition and training and maximise your health and results. One step at a time, we will make sure your plan is built just for you with a long term vision.

    This is the ideal option for you to make sure you get the most from my personal coaching and get the full benefits from all 3 separate offers, personalised training, personalised nutrition and mindset coaching.

    This offer requires a commitment of 3 months minimum to give us the time to dive deeper, establish the ultimate sustainable balance and start seeing results.

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    6. Personal training session

    Live online or in person, outdoor, indoor, at your domicile or at the gym, get your exercise done with me. I will check your form, push you out of your comfort zone while respecting your limitations, provide live motivation and make sure you get the best out of your training for optimal results.

    This offer can be combined with a personalised training plan.

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    Extra offers

    Basic nutrition presentation for group
    Bring nutrition knowledge to your work place, school, home. I will share the basics of nutrition and of a healthy diet during an online or in person conference.


    Functional fitness class for group
    You want to organise a health event or offer a group fitness class to your students or employees? I will make everyone sweat and push their limits, all of it with a smile. No need to be afraid. Everything is adaptable and I configure the training in a way that every single participant gets the possibility to work at their own level and abilities.

    Ballet class
    Improve your posture and coordination with a ballet training adaptable to all levels starting from complete beginner.
    If you need a ballet teacher for a camp, summer course, a teacher replacement or individual class, I make you benefit from my years as a professional dancer and experience as a teacher.


    Progressing ballet technique class
    This is a ballet based functional class from the official progressing ballet technique to improve specific skills, build strength, improve posture and stability for dance training but all other areas of life as well. It is a great technique to improve your mobility and flexibility. Using fitness balls and elastic bands allow a training with very little strain on your joints.