1. Can I pick only one of the coaching option or must I do all 3 (nutrition, fitness, mindset)?

If you only want one plan, it is of course totally possible.
You can request whatever coaching you need but to maximise results you’ll likely receive basic advices on all 3 and may be required to provide a few answers regarding each.

2. How long does a plan take?

This is up to you!

I offer a strict minimum of 3 months for the full nutrition and fitness package but recommend a longer process.
It depends on your goals but you need to remember that it took you years to get to where you are now. You can’t expect it to change in only a couple of weeks or months.
Don’t let that scare you away, I am here to help you become the best version of yourself, no matter how long or short you need. When it comes to building a sustainable lifestyle: slow and steady wins the race!

If requested, 1 month programs are possible but  follow up and personal support wan’t be provided. It can be useful if you already know your way around nutrition and fitness.

3. Are all coaching 1:1?

All coaching are personalised and private, meaning you’ll have my full attention and a plan designed to your needs only.

If you wish me to share nutrition knowledge to a group of people (students, workers), we can arrange an online or an in person conference. This covers general basics.

4. Can I meet you in person?

If we are in the same country, at the same time, I will happily meet up with you and we can arrange coaching sessions in person.

5. How much does it cost?

Every person is unique and has different needs, therefore, prices will depend on the offer that best suits you. I have different packs and options to share with you. Contact me so we can discuss which one best fits you and brings you the most satisfaction.
You can reach me by email or through the contact form.

6. I am vegetarian, can you help me?

Of course! A personalised plan is made to suit your needs, likes and beliefs. We’ll find the best solutions to make it fit your lifestyle.