My name is Emily Grieshaber. I love the arts, exercise, food and challenging myself.

Currently, I am a professional ballerina, fitness trainer and nutrition advisor. I have found a passion for health during my years of dancing.

Fitness and nutrition became ways to take control over my body and mind when the pressure of ballet standards started to become overwhelming. Having been through highs and lows, I know how it feels to be lost and submerged by the mixed information out there.

I believe «knowledge is power» and that is what learning about nutrition, fitness & mindset brought me. I quickly became passionate about sharing this with others and get them to experience satisfaction, health and balance in their life.

I base my coaching on the approach that fitness, nutrition & mindset is an inseparable trio. Each one influences, affects or supports the others in some ways.

Through 20 years of dancing and having achieved my Kent University Degree in Performing Arts, I have built personal experience and knowledge around these topics.

I later started learning more deeply about Sports nutrition and Health & Fitness and certified in The science of well-being course from Yale University. 
I am furthering my education with a nutrition advisor certificate from IFDN Nutrition Diététique and working as a fitness trainer in a gym.

I obtained the Progressive ballet technique certification and taught ballet to all ages including a german national gymnastics team athlete.

I am responsible for ballet training and nutrition coaching at the Grip & Grow Gymnastics camps. I teach group functional fitness courses and help many individuals reach their goals in nutrition and fitness through personal coaching.

I am constantly striving to learn and improve my knowledge because health is a continually evolving field and there are as many ways to success as there are of individuals. My aim is to bring together my wide range of expertise and experience to share it with you through Em-power-coaching!